First detailed design of the Mediator prototype system close to completion

After the first six months of the MEDIATOR project, the second work package was kicked-off. Within this part of the project, an actual prototype of the mediator system will be developed, which will later on in the project be integrated into two vehicles to undergo testing and evaluation. As the project is now closing in on the end of its first year, the first deliverable of this second work package is being prepared, which describes the first detailed design of the mediator system and the work plan adopted to realise the prototypes.

An important step leading up to this deliverable, was a first face-to-face meeting of the task leaders responsible for developing the main component prototypes in MEDIATOR, which took place at Zenuity's offices in Munich on the 6th and 7th of February. Based on the inputs from their individual task teams, decisions were made on the "v1" version of the overall system and component design, and in particular on the APIs (software interfaces) between the components.

Besides the MEDIATOR component task leaders, also the leader of WP1 attended the meeting at Zenuity as these two work packages are closely connected: the first work package is developing functional requirements for the mediator system, which are the starting point for the design and development work done in the second work package.

On the MEDIATOR component level, also close collaboration is now being pursued between the research teams of WP1 and the development teams of WP2. Already some cross-work-package team meetings have been held and during the next cluster of meetings at the end of this month (hosted by NLR), more joint meetings will take place.