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Japanese-German Research Collaboration on CAD: Human Factors

08 December 2020

On the 3rd of December the MEDIATOR project was presented by Dr. Matthias Beggiato (TUC) during a webinar of the Japanese-German Research Collaboration on Human Factors in Connected and Automated Driving (CADJapanGermany: HF). His presentation “Facial Expressions as Indicator for Discomfort in Automated Driving” included results of face tracking studies. More than 45 participants joined the …

3rd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems

25 February 2020

The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration: Integrating People and Intelligent Systems (IHSI 2020) provided a global forum for discussing human-machine interaction topics in a broad area of applications. About 180 scheduled talks covered innovative topics on transportation engineering, automotive design, cognitive systems, computational modelling, smart materials as …