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First MEDIATOR deliverables available online

14 October 2021

The first five public deliverables are now available on our website. Each of these WP1 deliverables concerns preparatory work for the functional requirements and the actual design of the Mediator system. The Mediator system is being developed to mediate between the driver and the vehicle automation by assessing who is most fit and capable to perform the driving task. As such, the Mediator system …

D1.1 Mediating between human driver and automation: state-of-the-art and knowledge gaps

13 April 2021

D1.1 gives a clear introduction to the MEDIATOR concept and a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art knowledge on vehicle automation. It serves as a foundation for the project, it gives focus to our further research ( in WP1 ) and is a starting point for the development of the mediator system (WP2). Aims and scope This report aims to define what we need to know to assess the fitness of …