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TUC driving simulator study

07 February 2022

Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC) is the leader of work package 3, responsible for coordinating the evaluations of the developed prototypes in computer simulations, driving simulators and real-road demonstrators. They are conducting a driving simulator study to evaluate the acceptance and usability of the Mediator system and its functions respectively. Matthias Beggiato (WP3 leader) was …

TU Chemnitz seeks volunteers for driving simulator study

04 February 2022

Local news stations paid attention to the MEDIATOR project in the past week as the TU Chemnitz research team is currently looking for participants to take part in a driving simulator study. The participants can try out the intelligent assistance system themselves and evaluate the innovative display and operating concept. Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC) is involved in the MEDIATOR project …