Towards full vehicle automation (TRA2020)

The MEDIATOR project will contribute to the 8th Transport Research Arena (TRA2020, April 27-30, Helsinki) through the submission and presentation of a paper on the mediator system for partly automated vehicles. The title of this paper (written by Nicole van Nes, Ingrid van Schagen, Diane Cleij, Michiel Christoph, Bram Bakker) is: ‘Towards full vehicle automation: mediating between human and technological strengths’. It will be made available after the conference via the TRA2020 Book of Abstracts and on the MEDIATOR website.

The MEDIATOR project was set up to respond to the need for an intelligent system to support the transfer of control between human driver and automation: a mediator system. The project started in May 2019 and is being financed by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

This paper presents the theoretical framework of the project, the intended function of the mediator system, as well as the first elaborations in terms of use cases and functional requirements.