Partner in the spotlight: Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime is one of 3 business areas within the Kongsberg Group (KOG) which is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, and the defense and aerospace industries. Kongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for positioning, navigation, automation, propulsion, steering and handling systems to merchant vessels and offshore installations, as well as products and systems for seabed surveying and monitoring, and for fishing vessels and fisheries research. The business area is a market leader in these areas. Kongsberg Maritime solutions enhance efficiency and safety throughout the whole maritime technology spectrum. A significant portion of the value created by Kongsberg consists of the development of high-tech solutions to the domestic and international market. High competence and knowledge sharing are essential to the competitiveness.

The main role for Kongsberg Maritime in this project is to provide maritime domain expertise throughout the project and contribute to understanding how the mediator systems can be utilized in this domain. How operators interact with automation systems at various levels is an important focus area for Kongsberg Maritime and it is important to understand these interactions as well as the transitions between human and machine control which is especially relevant for the development of MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship) technology.

Results from MEDIATOR will bring an important opportunity to better understand how autonomous operations are handled in other areas of transportation, as well as providing the chance to discover new tools, skills and technologies to improve ongoing development activities in MASS operations, specifically in the area of remote operations and shore control center design.

For an impression of Kongsberg Maritime's activities have a look at this video of the first adaptive ferry transit conducted during normal service.