Invited session at TRA 2022

MEDIATOR clustered with three other Horizon 2020 projects (Drive2theFuture, HADRIAN and Trustonomy) that also address how the acceptance and safety of automated vehicles could be improved. Several discussions led to an accepted proposal for a panel discussion at the TRA Lisbon 2022 conference.

On 14 November Invited session 4 - 'Facilitating the driver role for automated driving in Europe' took place, during which the projects discussed the current constraints of human drivers interacting with automated driving vehicles and proposed solutions.

MEDIATOR project coordinator Nicole Van Nes introduced our project, after which Michiel Christoph explained the projects' research and preliminary results.

The session addressed the current problems and limitations of human drivers interacting with automated driving vehicles and proposed solutions from the perspective of the four projects that have investigated this problem. They provided complementary perspectives on the problems and proposed concrete solutions to facilitate the uptake of automated driving across Europe. A set of recommendations was put forth that represents a joint assessment concerning next steps, specifically:

  • To address current problems of AD standardization and harmonization, establish an EU regulatory institution to set forth a harmonized implementations of AD in Europe that allow for proactive legislation und rulemaking to facilitate common AD experiences of drivers across brands and models.

  • Establish harmonized and consistent education and training curricula for drivers to develop the appropriate knowledge and competences for using AD that is standardized across different brands and models.

  • To support wide-spread acceptance and uptake of AD across Europe, focus AD developments around the users mobility needs using user-centered methods in local R&D centres of excellence that engage users with diverse backgrounds on a sufficiently wide range.

The recommendations were discussed and attendees could respond and formulate their views. The virbant discussion was led by Nicole.