MEDIATOR project succesfully launched

The European project MEDIATOR kicked off on May 23 and 24 in The Hague. MEDIATOR is a 4-year project led by SWOV. The main output of the project will be a self-learning mediating system for car drivers which guarantees safe, real-time switching between the human driver and automated system based on which is fittest to drive. MEDIATOR persues a paradigm shift away from a view that prioritises either the driver or the automation, instead integrating the best of both.

To accomplish the development of this support system MEDIATOR will integrate and enhance existing knowledge of human factors and HMI, taking advantage of the experiece of other transport modes (aviation and maritime). It will develop and adapt available technologies for real-time data collection, storage and analysis, as well as incorporating the latest artificial intelligence techniques, including deep learning.

It was an informative and inspiring kick off meeting. The meeting was hosted by SWOV and all 12 project partners were represented. We elaborated on the project objectives and the great variety of competence and expertise among the partners and defined the first steps to take towards the objectives. On behalf of the European Commission, Tom Alkim (Policy Officer Connected & Automated driving) and Anca Paşca (Project Officer Horizon 2020 - Transport research) attended the first day of the meeting.